1984 Christmas Quiz

SECTION 10 -Of whom are they speaking?

1) 'He thinks too much : such men are dangerous'?

2) 'She ran the whole gamut of the emotions from A to B'?

3) 'Mad, bad and dangerous to know'?

4) 'A modest little man with much to be modest about'?

5) 'Never played a Christian stroke in his life'?

6) 'Hasn't an enemy in the world and none of his friends like him'?

7) 'He has Van Googh's ear for music'?

8) 'He always has an alibi and one or two to space'?

9) 'If (he) was a chocolate drop, he would eat himself'?

10) 'When his pistol misses fire, he knocks you down with the butt end of it'?

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