1984 Christmas Quiz


SECTION 1 - How are these 'Dynamic Duos' better known?

1) Albert and Harold? Steptoe and Son

2) Dave and Ken? Starski and Hutch

3) Chris and Mary Beth? Cagney and Lacey

4) Phil and Don? Everly Brothers

5) Richard and Oscar? Rodgers and Hammerstein

6) William Schenk and Arthur Seymor? Gilbert and Sullivan

7) Evadne and Hilda? Hinge and Bracket

8) Dan and Dick? Rowan and Martin

9) Bob and Terry? The Likely Lads

10) Dennis and Jeff? Lillie and Thomson

SECTION 2 - Who or What

1) is regulus regulus? Goldcrest

2) covered Chrysomallus? Golden Fleece

3) was christened Auric? Goldfinger

4) was Alfred Bernhard's literary beneficiary in 1983? William Golding

5) is home to seagulls? Goldstone Ground (Brighton FC)

6) was formerly a pelican? Golden Hind

7) is one percent mercuric oxide? Golden Eye Ointment

8) is the major work of Joseph B Strauss? Golden Gate Bridge

9) are second at Cambridge? Goldie

10) incurred ursine disfavour? Goldilocks

SECTION 3 - Decipher

1) MASH? Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

2) BOSS? Bureau of State Security

3) ORACLE? Optical Recognition of Announcements by Coded Line Electronics

4) PICKUP? Professional, Industrial and Commercial Updating Program

5) FOREST? Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco

6) AGHAST? Action Group to Halt Advertising and Sponsorship by Tobacco

7) CARD? Campaim Against Racial Discrimination

8) SHAPE? Supreme Headquaters Allied Powers in Europe

9) RAGE? Ratepayers Against Greenham Encampments

10) CREEP? Citizens committee for Reelection of the President (Watergate)

SECTION 4 - What

1) censors? D notice

2) slims? F Plan

3) conceals? G string

4) incarcerates? H Block

5) wipes? J cloth

6) aligns? T square

7) reverses? U turn

8) derides? V sign

9) photographs? X rays

10) supports? Y fronts

SECTION 5 - Whose autobiography is

1) Past Imperfect? Joan Collilns

2) This Time Next Week? Leslie Thomas

3) A Postillion Struck by Lightning? Dirk Bogarge

4) The Sport of Queens? Dick Francis

5) Sparks Fly? Frank Chapple

6) Clinging to the Wreckage? John Mortimer

7) Flashbacks? Timothy Leary

8) I Don't Bruise Easily? Brian Close

9) I Remember it Well? Maurice Chevalier (Sorry - this is a biography by Beulah Thompson)

10) It Ain't Necessarily So? Larry Adler


1) is twinned with a hammer-wielder? George Cooper

2) chronicled Mr Wu? Georg Formby

3) was a paternal acquaintance? Lloyd George

4) shares an emblem with Geneva? Saint George

5) is O'Dowd? Boy George

6) was Mary Ann Evans? George Elliot

7) inspired mural claims of inculpability? George Davis

8) admitted culpabiluty for unwanted truncation? George Washington

9) wrote 'He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches'? George Barnard Shaw

10) caused maidenly lamentation? Georgie Porgie

SECTION 7 - What work suggested/(All vintage Peter Seller's films)

1) minimal entertainment? Smallest Show on Earth

2) rodent clamour? Mouse that Roared

3) self-centred satisfaction? I'm all right, Jack

4) marriage? Battle of the Sexes

5) elasticity? Two-way Stretch

6) closed competition? Only Two can Play

7) celestial covering? Heavens Above

8) medical perversion? Dr Strangelove

9) speculation? A Shot in the Dark

10) vulpine pursuit? After the Fox

SECTION 8 - Who is or was

1) Sebastian Dangerfield? Ginger Man

2) Thomas Jerome Newton? Man who fell to Earth

3) Steve Austin? Six Million Dollar Man

4) Howard Kirk? History Man

5) Gregory Syme? Man who was Thursday (G K Chesterton)

6) John Merrick? Elephant Man

7) Francisco Scaramanga? Man with the Golden Gun

8) Napoleon Solo? Man from UNCLE

9) Jack Crabb? Little Big Man (Book by Thomas Berger - film with Dustin Hoffman)

10) Tom Domiphon? Man who shot Liberty Valance

SECTION 9 - Who, what, or where

1) saw Pinkie's demise? Brighton Rock

2) is by Augustus Toplady? Rock of Ages

3) is dogfish in disguise? Rock salmon

4) showed disappearing schoolgirls? Picnic at Hanging Rock

5) is Bobby's catchphrase? Rock on ,Tommy

6) is Roy's Scherer? Rock Hudson

7) was annexed in 1955? Rockall

8) is Mrs Balboa's prodigious progeny? Rocky

9) gaurds the Calf? Chicken Rock

10) featured in Blackboard Jungle? Rock around the Clock (Rock 'n' Roll not good enough)

SECTION 10 - Of whom are they speaking?

1) 'He thinks too much : such men are dangerous'? Cassius : Shakespeare

2) 'She ran the whole gamut of the emotions from A to B'? Katherine Hepburn : Dorothy Parker

3) 'Mad, bad and dangerous to know'? Byron : Lady Caroline Lamb

4) 'A modest little man with much to be modest about'? Attlee : Churchill

5) 'Never played a Christian stroke in his life'? Ranjitsinjhi : E Wainwright

6) 'Hasn't an enemy in the world and none of his friends like him'? Shaw : Wilde

7) 'He has Van Googh's ear for music'? Donny Osmond : (attributed to Orson Welles)

8) 'He always has an alibi and one or two to space'? Macavity : T S Elliot

9) 'If (he) was a chocolate drop, he would eat himself'? Graeme Souness : Archie Gemmill

10) 'When his pistol misses fire, he knocks you down with the butt end of it'? Dr Johnson : Goldsmith

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