1998 Christmas Quiz


Section 1 - Who played (Singers)

1. Alias for Peckinpah? Bob Dylan : Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

2. Orvis Goodnight for Mazursky? Little Richard : Down and Out in Beverley Hills

3. Aunty Entity for Miller and Ogilvie? Tina Turner : Mad Max beyond Thunderdome

4. Turner for Cammell and Roeg? Mick Jagger : Performance

5. Nicki Brand for Cronenberg? Deborah Harry : Videodrome

6. Inspector Good for Spielberg? Phil Collins : Hook

7. Martin Taylor for Loncraine? Sting : Brimstone and Treacle

8. Doralee Rhodes for Higgins? Dotty Parton : 9 to 5

9. Celliers for Oshima? David Bowie : Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

10. Private Gripweed for Lester John Lennon : How I won the War

Section 2 - Last words (Footware)

1. snakes? mocassins

2. coaches? trainers

3. idlers? loafers

4. sandpipers? waders (half marks for for winkle-pickers)

5. switches? flip-flops

6. hybrids? mules

7. discards? slingbacks (half marks for boots)

8. lilts? brogues

9. stages? platforms

10. daggers? stilettos

Section 3 - Who (Jack)

1. was involved in a joint project for spotless tableware? Jack sprat

2. weighed in with 197 tons? Jack Hobbs (cricketer)

3. defeated Royalists at Sevenoaks? Jack Cade (Kentish Rebellion, 1450)

4. chronicled the travels of Paradise and Moriarty? Jack Kerouac (On the Road)

5. serves Denton CID? Jack Frost (TV series)

6. was sandy in the Isle of Man? Happy Jack ('Who' song)

7. had been mislaid at Victoria Station? Jack Worthing (in a haaandbag - Importance of Being Earnest)

8. Is a Birmingham businessman, married far the second time to Peggy? Jack Woolley (archers)

9. was Reggie's victim in Evering Rd., Stoke Newington7 Jack 'The Hat' MacVitie (Krays)

10. profited by pollical extraction? Little Jack Horner

Section 4 - One to ten .. (contributed by Pete Fulton) (Prime Ministers)

1. Tom or Barbara? Major

2. Plain man? Salisbury

3. Played with eleven? Rockingham

4. King of Jerusalem? Baldwin

5. Labelled a rat unbeatable and unbearable? Churchill (of Montgomery)

6. Auntie's place? Portland (BBC)

7. American chief? Wilson

8. Taken by Robert Shaw? Pelham (123)

9. London town? Canning

10. 7920 feet? Derby (race length)

Section 5 - Bring to fruition (..berry)

1. a provocative card at the Albemarle. Marquess of Queensberry (to Wilde -'posing as a sodomite')

2. a B-17 pilot in the 394th. Gene Roddenberry

3. an unwanted third. gooseberry

4. a Salvation Army hostel remembered. Strawberry Fields

5. a Shakespearean constable. Dogberry (Much Ado about Nothing)

6. Jim's fugitive companion. Huckleberry Finn

7. an open view of Ailsa Craig. Turnberry (golf course)

8. scene of Seuss's first vision. Mulberry Street (Children's book -'To think I saw it on ..')

9. South Pacific normality. Blueberry pie ("I'm in love with a wonderful guy" from musical)

10. a gaberdine trenchcoat. Burberry

Section 6 - Coming out to play .. (boys and girls)

1. Pan's People? The Lost Boys (Peter Pan)

2. make the world go round, rockingly? Fat bottomed girls (Queen)

3. paired between contenders and a solitary? The lily-white boys (Green grow the Rushes)

4. 6151, Richmond Street, Miami? The Golden Girls

5. Parker's 'passed-overs'? Girls who wear glasses ('Men seldom make passes at ..)

6. the Bleasdale bunch? Boys from the Black stuff

7. Lady Canton's lodgers? Girls on Top (TY series)

8. replicated Hitlers? The Boys from Brazil (novel/film)

9. first-time marchers on Nov. 8th? Bevin Boys (miners at Cenotaph)

10. Sparky collection? The Girls of Slender Means (Muriel Spark novel)

Section 7 - Eh? (from an idea by Dick Barton) (questions)

1. Avery What's up, Doc?

2. Mopp Can I do you now. sir? (ITMA - radio show)

3. Yeames When did you last see your Father?

4. Davis/Crawford Whatever happened to Baby Jane?

5. Andrews What's my Line?

6. Seeger (via Sholokhov) Where have all the flowers gone?

7. Albee Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? (play/film)

8. Hamlet To be or not to be ..?

9. Donegan Does your chewing gum lose its flavour ..?

10. Henry II Will no-one rid me of this turbulent priest?

Section 8 - Link (Links)

1. The Long Goodbye ; The African Queen ; Right Ho, Jeeves Dulwich College education - Chandler, Forester, Wodehouse

2. Paul Newman ; Robert Bedford ; English Rugby Woodward - married to Joanne, Played Bob, Clive is coach

3. Curt Jurgens ; Hitler ; Tico Torres Married Evas -Bartok, Braun, Herzigova (Wonderbra ads)

4. Pleasure Dome ; Kane ; Olivia Newton-John Xanadu - Coleridge poem, Citizen Kane's house, song with ELO)

5. Ravenscroft ; Diana Rigg ; policemen Peel -John P's real name, Emma P in Avengers, Sir Robert P

Section 9 - In 1998 (1998)

1. who was Estelle Skornik's choice on 29/5? Bob Mortimer - Renault ad

2. who may now sally forth in blousons? Salvation Army - uniform change

3. where did Tristan Sturley switch off? North Foreland lighthouse - last manned one went automatic

4. whose alliance did not survive the Auld Alliance? Stan Collymore and Ulrika Jonsson - Paris bar

5. what befell Nick Howell at the palace? a piece of the ceiling (fell on him)

For answers, see answers to ALL sections

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