1997 Christmas Quiz

Winners of Christmas Quiz

With two points for a fully correct answer, the top scorers were:

  1. Pete Fulton & Glyn Brown with 156
  2. John Fellows & supporters with 149
  3. Genny Vincent & Mum with 137

Pete & Glyn cop the bottle of Highland Park.

Thanks to others who put in entries and to all for some occasional entertaining answers.

No scores from Mobil this year - rationalization, outsourcing.and all that business made Quiz publication too 'politically sensitive'.

Section 6 (Nominate) completely foxed everyone this year and I'm sure (well fairly sure) you'd all want to join me in thanking Dick (an ex­ colleague from Mobil) for this entertaining section. 1.5 also evaded capture.

See tie-break section for the odd chuckle.

Happy New Year

Brian Jordan

Tie-Break Contributions

The following have been forwarded to Sky TV's marketing department as concepts for new sports.

  1. Laundromat Live
  2. Downhill wallpapering
  3. Uphill gardening
  4. Five-a-side tiddlywinks
  5. Electronic dwile-flonking
  6. Underwater bricklaying
  7. Topless 20 Questions

For answers, see answers to ALL sections

See also the list of Winners and amusing tie-break contributions.


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