1985 Christmas Quiz


"To ask the hard question is simple"

Section 1 - In 1985 (100 up)

1. who stepped down after 110 on January 2nd? Clive Lloyd

2. who won the 101 st on March 16th? England (Calcutta Cup)

3. who made it 109 (not out) on March 27th? Pat Jennings

4. what had 103 starters in Preston on March 27th? World Professional Snooker Championship

5. who won the 100th on May 18th? Celtic

6. who were not 110 not out on July 6th? Navratilova and Shriver (lost after 109 consecutive wins)

7. who led the 114th on July 18th? Christy O'Connor Jnr

8. who only needed 50 for it on July 26th? Ian Botham (fast century)

9. who made it 100 for the native sod on August 5th? Geoff Boycott (100th century for Yorkshire)

10. who won the 104th on December 10th? Oxford (Rugby Union)

Section 2 - Who or what (x)

1. is resurgent? phoenix

2. is a soft crystalline salt? borax

3. was subsumed in April 1965? Middlesex

4. was J M Morton's farce? Box and Cox

5. is served with bagels? lox

6. is a body of law? codex

7. are at home on Middenweg? Ajax F C

8. was a formation of hoplytes? phalanx

9. is depicted by Uderzo? Asterix

10. directs Mencap? Brian Rix

Section 3 - Identify (Literary eponyms)

1. James Durie The Master of Ballantrae : R L Stephenson

2. Simonides The Praise-singer : Mary Renault

3. Sarah Woodruff The French Lieutenant's Woman : John Fowles

4. Nick Charles The Thin Man : Dashiel Hammet

5. Jakov Bok The Fixer : Bernard Malamud

6. Anne Catherick The Woman in White : Wilkie Collins

7. Mac Davies The Caretaker : Harold Pinter

8. Alden Pyle The Quiet American : Graham Greene

9. Archie Rice The Entertainer : John Osborne

10. Alec Leamas The Spy who came in from the Cold : John Le Carre

Section 4 - Who, what or where (Colours)

1. was an onerous gift? white elephant

2. was openly supported by Tommy Smith in 1968? Black Power

3. is fluorspar from Derbyshire? Blue John

4. is now Ghana? Gold Coast

5. is Diana Moran? Green Goddess

6. is a primary admonitory symbol? yellow card

7. was Joseph L Barrow? Brown Bomber (Joe Louis)

8. celebrated lunar obscurity? Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon)

9. indicates over-writing? purple passage

10. was a distant cousin of Mrs Lawrence? Red Baron (DH Lawrence's wife nee Frieda von Richthofen)

Section 5 - Who gave their name to ("Name" words)

1. a tropical flowering vine? Louis-Antoine Bougainville

2. a cheap semi-cylindrical building? Col P N Nissen

3. a South American monetary unit? Simon Bolivar

4. a dancing garment? Jules Leotard

5. the first practical process of photography? Louis Daguerre (daguerrotype)

6. shady portraiture? Etienne de Silhouette

7. excessive patriotism? Nicholas Chauvin

8. an alloy of copper and zinc? Christopher Pinchbeck

9. an inflatable life jacket? Mae West

10. loose gathered trousers? Amelia Bloomer

Section 6 - Of what are they speaking? (Quotations)

1. ".. provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance" drink : Shakespeare (Macbeth)

2. ".. never failing vice of fools" pride : Alexander Pope

3. ".. only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary" politics : R L Stephenson

4. ".. last refuge of a scoundrel" patriotism : Dr Johnson

5. ".. no disgrace to a man, but it is confoundedly inconvenient" poverty : Sydney Smith

6. ".. one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration" genius : Edison

7. ".. made up of marble and mud" life : Hawthorne

8. ".. spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" poetry : Wordsworth

9. ".. may be socially acceptable in Sheffield, but a different matter in Cheltenham" wife-beating : Lord Justice Lawton

10. ".. rarely pure and never simple" truth : Wilde

Section 7 - Summarize (Short pseudonyms)

1. John Cameron Andrieu Bingham Michael Morton Beachcomber

2. Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie Lulu

3. Adrien Wettach Grock

4. Manuel Laureano Rodriguez Sanchez Manolete

5. Cherilyn Lapiere Sarkisian Cher

6. Norma Sykes Sabrina

7. Herman Cyril McNeile Sapper

8. Germaine Lefebvre Capucine

9. Jean-Francois Gravelot Blondin

10. Lesley Hornby Twiggy

Section 8 - Who or what is (National phrases)

1. falsely fortifying? Dutch courage

2. moistly murky? Scotch mist

3. terminally truncated? Manx cat

4. belatedly balmy? Indian summer

5. portable provender? Chinese take-away

6. perspiringly purifying? Turkish bath

7. arguably arousing? Spanish fly

8. fortuitously fatal? Russian roulette

9. possibly preventive? French letter

10. presentably plastic? American Express

Section 9 - Name the best-known role of (TV characters)

1. Jamie Farr Corporal Klinger (MASH)

2. Deforest Kelley Dr. McKoy (Star Trek)

3. James Beck Private Walker (Dad's Army)

4. Maurice Gosfield Doberman (Bilko)

5. Joe Gladwin Wally Batty (Last of the Summer Wine)

6. Joe Santos Sergeant Becker (Rockford Files)

7. Russel Hunter Lonely (Callan)

8. Ken Kercheval Cliff Barnes (Dallas)

9. Jack Howarth Albert Tatlock (Coronation Street)

10. Bruce Weitz Mick Belker (Hill Street Blues)

Section 10 - How were they better known later? (Name changes)

1. Newton Heath Manchester United

2. Sphairistike Lawn Tennis

3. Hellespont Dardanelles

4. Tabulating Machine Co. IBM

5. Tom and Jerry Simon and Garfunkel

6. First Impressions Pride and Prejudice

7. Reversi Othello

8. KDF Volkswagen

9. Idlewild J F Kennedy Airport

10. Hiti-nui Tahiti

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