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1983 Christmas Quiz

All Questions and Answers

SECTION 1 - Where in England would you find

1. The Pantiles? Tunbridge Wells

2. The Land of Green Ginger? Hull

3. The Saffrons? Eastbourne (Criket Ground)

4. The Hawthorns? West Bromwich

5. The High? Oxford

6. The Backs? Cambridge

7. The Lanes? Brighton

8. The Cobb? Lyme Regis

9. The Maltings? Snape (Aldeburgh Festival)

10. The Rows? Chester

SECTION 2 - What totality/( Phrases expressing 'ALL' or 'COMPLETENESS')

1. Is swinish? The whole hog

2. Tolerates unevenness of texture? Rough with the smooth

3. Deined the Holy Land? Dan to Beersheba (Judges 20.1)

4. Terminates classically? Alpha and Omega

5. Eases Metropolitan Excursions? A to Z

6.Is found in an armoury? Lock, Stock, and Barrel

7. Evokes Old Blue Eyes? All The Way (Credit for 'From Here to Eternity')

8. Is Piscine gullibility? Hook, Line, and Sinker

9. Enquires despite variations in density? Though Thick and Thin

10 Was the Ultimate Question, requiring Deep Thought? Life, the Universe and Everything

SECTION 3 - How are they better known?

1. Samual Langhorne Clemens? Mark Twain

2. Edson Arantes Do Nascimento? Pele

3. William Henry Pratt? Boris Karloff

4. Rev C Lutwidge Dodgson? Lewis Carrol

5. Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili? Stalin

6. Reginald Dwight? Elton John

7. Domenikos Theotokopoulos? El Greco

8. Eric Blair? George Orwell

9. Emily Charlotte Le Breton? Lily Langtry

10. Maurice Micklewhite? Michael Caine

SECTION 4 - MCP's Corner

1. Winged? Bird

2. Extensive? Broad

3. Down? Bit of Fluff

4. Arabic Daughter? Bint

5. Toasted Cake? Crumpet

6. Aptitude? Talent

7. Young Bird? Chick

8. Toy Model? Doll

9. Lateral Part? Bit on the Side

10. Titled? Dame

SECTION 5 - Who or What

1. Expesses Incredulity? Dutchman ('Well I'm a D--' or 'I'll be a D--')

2. Had no Heart? Tin Man

3. Reported after the Riots? Scarman

4. Is a Sinister Bosey? Chinaman (Cricket : Lefthaned Googly)

5. Is linked Episcopally with Sodor? Isle of Man

6. May be Made Much of, 'if Caught Young'? Scotchman ('Much may be made of a S--, If he be caught young' (Johnson))

7. Was later Shown to be a Forgery? Piltdown Man

8. Is believed to Protect Its Wearer? Talisman

9. Is a Box with a Cushioned top? Ottoman

10. Followed Balaclava? Inkerman

SECTION 6 - What Sport Do You Associate With

1. Stade Des Colombes? Rugby Union (Paris)

2. Cowdray Park? Polo

3. Sabina Park? Cricket (Kingston, Jamaica)

4. Lindrick? Golf (Scene of last British Ryder Cup Win)

5. Shea Stadium? Baseball (New York Mets)

6. Santa Pod? Drag Racing

7. Tinsley Green?" Marbles (Honest!)

8. Abbey Road? Soccer (Cambridge United : League's Smallest Ground)

9. Shelsey Walsh? (Motor) Hill-Climbing

10. Cradley Heath? Speedway

SECTION 7 - What Is or Was

1. Artistically Dotty? Pointillism (Art Technique : Seurat Etc)

2. Classical Self-Absorption? Narcissism

3. Claimed to Train the Memory? Pelmanism

4. 'The Lord is a Shoving Leopard'? Spoonerism

5. A Newly-Coined Word? Neologism

6. Partiality to relatives? Nepotism

7. Based on 'Institutio Religionae Christianae'? Calvinism

8. Doctrinal Secession? Schism

9. 'Largely Saying 'Lord Jones Died' to People Who Never Knew That Lord Jones was Alive'? Journalism (GK Chesterton)

10. Oppressive to Tenants? Rachmanism (Credit for Feudalism)

SECTION 8 - Where?

1. 'A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery inside an Enigma'? Russia (Churchill)

2. 'Very Flat'? Norfolk (Coward : Brief Lives)

3. 'A Rose Red City'? Petra (Burgon : Poem of that name)

4. 'City with Her Dreaming Spires'? Oxford (Arnold : Thyrsis)

5. 'An Isle of Joy'? Manhattan (Hart? Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald)

6. 'A Nation of Shopkeppers'? England (Napoleon)

7. 'Great God. This an Awful Place'? South Pole (Captain Scott)

8. 'It isn't fit for humans now'? Slough (Betjman : 'Come Kindly Bombs and fall on Slough, It ....')

9. '....It was Closed'? Philadelphia (W C Fields : 'I Went to PH---, But it was closed')

10. 'Very Nice Sort of Place... for People that Like That Sort of Place'? Oxford (Shaw : Man and Superman)

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