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We take your privacy seriously. Your e-mail address is only used to send out information that is relevant to the list you have subscribed to. Your e-mail address is not passed to any third party. When sending out a general e-mail to multiple addresses your e-mail addresses will not appear in the e-mail.

To subscribe to a mailing list, simply send an e-mail to

There is no need to put anything in the text part of the message as it will not be read by anyone. It will be read by a robot. The robot will send an e-mail to you within a few minutes to confirm that you would like to be added to the mailing list. You will need to send an empty confirmatory reply to the robot's e-mail. This confirmation serves two purposes. First, it verifies that we are able to get mail through to you. Second, it protects you in case someone forges a subscription request in your name.

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