1992 Christmas Quiz

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"The answer, my friend is blowin' in the wind. "

Section 1 Who, what or where

l. is home to Talisker?

2. was home to the awesome anthropoid?

3. is the last rung on the ladder?

4. was a small agricultural hamlet in 1086, a new town in 1962?

5. as "you were fast asleep at Crewe - was walking up and down the station"?

6. is from Mlada Boleslav?

7. was devastated in 1963?

8. was first chartered in 1327?

9. overlooks Derwentwater?

10. is a decorative dirk?

Section 2 Who portrayed

1. Terry, whose brother should've looked out for him?

2. Joanna, whose husband was an adversary?

3. Will, whose wife did not forsake him?

4. Travis, whose sister-in-law had looked after his son?

5. Maggie, whose sister-in-law reared no-neck monsters?

6. Norman, whose mother never really left him?

7. Joe, whose wife was his way to the top?

8. Sally, whose husband came home to walk into the sea?

9. Michael, whose father ran the family business?

10. Cal, whose mother ran a whorehouse in Monterey?

Section 3 In 1992

1. where did Dingley Dell supplant Scutari?

2. what failed to mature in Aston, Cheshire?

3. whose hardness cost him 20,000?

4. what did Savvas Saritzoglou lose near Olympia?

5. what was apt over 30 on April 4th?

6. which homicidal paranoiac became operational on Jan 12th?

7. what moved from birdsong to more structured sounds?

8. where did Red 5 gain philatelic recognition?

9. who, stranded, chose a small house in Allington?

10. what was the battle-ground of Marion Tinsley and Chinook?

Section 4 What

1. shuns?

2. deceives?

3. jinxes?

4. pilfer?

5. welcomes?

6. ignores?

7. scabs?

8. decays?

9. tyrannises?

10. dances?

Section 5 Who or what

1. reduced 146 to 23?

2. asks for aces?

3. was a British auxiliary in 1920/1921?

4. were founded by Newton and Seale?

5. belonged to a squadre d'azione?

6. is required to knock three times?

7. is a complication of malaria?

8. is vingt-et-un?

9. was Edward Teach?

10. is an Algonquin nation?

Section 6 Which

1. Sewards had worked the night shift at Maltby Main?

2. Haggitt coined the phrase "lager louts"?

3. Tatem won his national title seven times?

4. Peacock devised a controversial revue in 1968?

5. Brinsley was responsible for malapropisms?

6. Marlais celebrated Laugharne in a "play for voices"?

7. Schwenk teamed with a Seymour con molto brio?

8. Alva was the "Wizard of Menlo Park"?

9. Duart went absent without leave in 1951?

10. Ivon upset management with his aerobatics?

Section 7 Where (geographically)

1. did his six-year-old await a call?

2. were there hungry women, down on Rue Morgue Avenue?

3. were there thirteen hundred and fifty-two guitar-pickers?

4. did diocesan inertia dismay?

5. was there a girl in a flat-bed Ford?

6. did his horse naturally win?

7. did some love horses, others the Rolling Stones?

8. was a beat-up little sea-gull trying to find a ocean?

9. did Northern cavities need enumeration?

10. were there Creole babies with flashing eyes?

Section 8 Which four-legged friend

1. pulled the fastest milk-cart in the West?

2. sprang from the blood of Medusa?

3. did Sonny Steele ride out of Caesar's Palace?

4. departed in Alfred Simmonds' van?

5. carried the ex-Leonard Slye?

6. stabled with Ginger and Merrylegs?

7. transported from London to York?

8. bore the Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance?

9. tottered from Oil Drum Lane?

10. won the big one carrying a fourteen-year-old girl?

Section 9 Who or what

1. was chairman of All Peoples' Solidarity?

2. is Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu?

3. always adapted to changes at the top?

4. is a tincture of benzoin, storax, tolu and aloes?

5. reasoned from the Benedictine Abbey at Shrewsbury?

6. was uniquely female (but mythical)?

7. guides to the Scillies?

8. was a Nobel prize-winner in 1984?

9. is excellent in parts?

10. was "peculiarly susceptible to draughts"?

Section 10 Appropriately, who or what

1. is radiohumeral bursitis?

2. illustrated the Adventures?

3. is the academics' aspiration?

4. preceded Alfred Austin?

5. was first at Headingley this year?

6. is Tinca tinca?

7. requires only twelve for perfection?

8. stretch by the selvedge?

9. was on top of the world in 1953?

10. showed George and Jenny (who was 11 ! )?

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