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"Avoid a questioner, for .such a man is also a tattler."

Section 1 Cue beginners!

1. Alkaloid of cinchona bark?

2. Mrs Plunket Greene?

3. Vidkun, executed on Oct 24th 1945?

4. Melville's soothing savage?

5. Tate, Robinson, Morell and Mills?

6. Mexican feathered serpent?

7. Mona's motto?

8. From distant Ophir?

9. Erstwhile associate publisher of the Huntington Herald-Press?

10. The first after Easter?

Section 2 Who

1. was hard to catch in a Coupe de Ville?

2. sings songs for the lost and the lonely?

3. is emphatically not invited?

4. identified in a dark brown voice?

5. is this world killing?

6. was monitor to his janitor?

7. had eyes that looked like ice on fire?

8. betrayed during ablutions?

9. doesn't have to sell her body to the night?

10. got married not long ago?

Section 3 In which work

1. did Bill Carson's last words lead to Sad Hill?

2. was Lago diabolically transformed?

3. was the schoolhouse at Warsaw initially missed?

4. was 2211 apparently finally discarded?

5. were soulful vigilantes the enemy within?

6. was an Erroll Garner composition crucial?

7. did the train detour through the saloon in Sinola?

8. was mediation between the Baxters and the Rojos profitable?

9. did the nun turn out to be a hooker?

10. was his word of life accepted?

Section 4 Where or who

1. is host to Rosebery and Jubilee?

2. was born in Fowlshiels and explored the Niger?

3. is home to a Yogi?

4. was ambushed near Arcadia on May 23rd 1934?

5. saw the knight from Fulneck overtaken in March 1958?

6. impersonated a white man impersonating a black man?

7. does Inventor's Gate lead to Pilgrim Hill?

8. claimed "Work expands to fill the time available for its completion"?

9. was the original site of the Crystal Palace?

10. flew only from 1920 to 1955?

Section 5 Who is speaking?

1. "The wind of change is blowing through the continent"

2. "Greater love hath no man .. that he lay down his friends for his life"

3. "House of Lords is the British Outer Mongolia for retired politicians"

4. "I seem to see "The river Tiber foaming with so much blood""

5. ".. So far as I am concerned, they are lower than vermin"

6. "He got on his bike and looked for work"

7. "No, because I do my sums with matchsticks"

8. "All the financiers, all the little gnomes in Zurich"

9. "It is the unpleasant and unacceptable face of capitalism"

10. "Like being savaged by a dead sheep"

Section 6 In a vintage year

1. which novel of the Civil War borrowed from Donne's Meditation?

2. which Winston was born to Julia and Alfred?

3. what was Ramon Mercader's crime?

4. what did Willys initialise?

5. where did Gertie gallop?

6. which 5 year old was enthroned?

7. what were discovered by Jaques Marsal and his three friends?

8. why did 338,226 rejoice?

9. who was appointed governor of the Bahamas?

10. When?

Section 7 Pot pourri for polyglots

1. Gaelic water of life?

2. Tamil pepper-water?

3. Hawaian jumping flea?

4. Malayan man of the woods?

5. Sanskrit lord of the world?

6. Yiddish cooking fat?

7. Chinese head-banging?

8. Swedish heavy stone?

9. Japanese great prince?

10. French monk's hood?

Section 8 Account for

1. Valentine and Proteus

2. what were revealed at the breaking of the seals

3. And then there were none (in less enlightened times)

4. the Master's stimulant

5. the Red Shadow's declaration

6. the sequence for Batty Thomas et al at Fenchurch St. Paul

7. a threat to Harrisburg in 1979

8. successors to the symbols at your door

9. the termination of nautical vigils

10. Miss Tellwright's home

Section 9 Who or what

1. contains the pointers Dubhe and Merak?

2. may have been Pedachenko, Gull or Druitt?

3. is an old old clothes dealer?

4. was a big teaser .. and a Sunday driver?

5. is a member of the Hesperiidae?

6. is clupea harengus preserved?

7. was revealed by David Rose in 1962?

8. had a fruitless trip to Rio in 1974?

9. was the "short shirt" now in Greenwich?

10. exhorted them to win one for him as he lay dying?

Section 10 In 1990

1. what did five-year old Andrew Kelly initiate?

2. who was silenced in Marbella?

3. who said, of what, "It makes me look so old" ?

4. whose longstanding milestone did Simon Mugglestone better?

5. which tabloid ran to only one edition?

6. what was the centenary winner in the 5th round at Tokyo?

7. who will be able to check if somebody up there likes him?

8. who got a fiver after 112?

9. whose sit-in cost him a week's wages?

10. why was the demise of Joshua Zalig a particular loss?

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