1989 Christmas Quiz

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"Undoubtedly we have no questions to ask that are unanswerable."

Section 1 - Woke up this morning ...

1. Lethal bigamist?

2. Tavern for the solitary chanteuse?

3. Poa pratensis?

4. Margaret Kelly?

5. "The wind in the willows played love's sweet melody"?

6. Celestial rarity?

7. Beautiful plumage?

8. Happiness for Molly, myself and infant?

9. Female pedant?

10. "All persons should report on board"?

Section 2 - Which establishment

1. was the scene of an assignation to ogle?

2. housed the captain until he was spotted?

3. was a centre for smuggling on Bodmin Moor?

4. serves Chateau Fleet St.?

5. is kept by Barliman Butterbur?

6. serves Newton and Ridley's?

7. was kept by Mrs. Weller?

8. saw Sir John quickly served?

9. is a friendly billabong?

10. quenched thirsts at Lark Rise?

Section 3 - Which Mary

1. started as Gladys Smith?

2. slid up a bannister?

3. is SC208677?

4. owns a company with a feline logo?

5. was rollin' on a river?

6. created the "Modern Prometheus" in 1818?

7. is the Old Line?

8. was incriminated by the Casket Letters

9. was Tyburn?

10. taught Art at Madeley Secondary Modern?

Section 4 - Identify the teacher

1. Proprietor of Dotheboys Hall

2. Remove form teacher at Greyfriars

3. Junior Assistant (Classics & English) at Llanabba Castle

4. Liberal Studies at Fenland Tech

5. English Literature for the OU "in the north of England"

6. Woodwork at San Quentin High

7. Junior Department at Marcia Blaine

8. Recalled for war duty at Brookfield

9. SC at Fenn Street

10. "Life-long servant" of Bamfylde

Section 5 - what

1. disables?

2. disfigures?

3. concludes?

4. preponderates?

5, bristles?

6. crushes?

7. admires?

8. receives?

9. rejuvenates?

10. overlooks?

Section 6 - Which best friend

1. was a darling nursemaid?

2. laughs at dastardly misfortune?

3. "assisted" the Thin Man?

4. died of joy greeting his returning master?

5. daydreams about being an ace fighter-pilot?

6. first starred with Elizabeth Taylor in 1943?

7. accompanied the leader of the Outlaws?

8. was a tricephalic twelfth?

9. terrified on Grimpen Mire?

10. lost in a confrontation with a tea-pot?

Section 7 - Who

1. is a Spanish fox?

2. battles with Ming the Merciless?

3. is player-manager at Melchester?

4. invokes Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury?

5. is assisted by Lacy and Hebblethwaite?

6. hails from Cimmeria?

7. is John Reid, formerly of Texas?

8. is an aquiline colonel?

9. has been embodied by Crabbe, Barker, Scott and Lambert?

10. has a natal link with 36?

Section 8 - Which sport is

1. "more than a game. It's an institution"?

2. "like the Mathematicks, that it can ne'er be fully learnt"?

3. "played by fewer than 15 a side, at least half of whom should be totally unfit"?

4. "the gentle way"?

5. "staying in after school in your underwear"?

6. "all very well as a game for rough girls, .. hardly suitable for delicate boys"?

7. "a good walk spoiled"?

8. "a poetic pastime for the Parish Hall"?

9. "cunning running"?

10. "like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors"?

Section 9 - How are they better known?

1. Steveland Morris

2. Vincent Furnier

3. Frederick Bulsara

4. Steven Demitri Georgiou

5. Sandra Goodrich

6. McKinley Morganfield

7. Declan McManus

8. Ernest Evans Jr

9. Dr Sam Hutt

10. Mary O'Brien

Section 10 - In 1989

1. what combined Aids, break-dancing and glasnost for the first time?

2. who revealed pale bed morals?

3. which organ made 440,000 by appeal?

4. who stilled the Clones Cyclone?

5. who was squirrel to Kenneth's bear?

6. how did 12 overcome 29 in 6?

7. who caused two resignations at Carnegie-Mellon University?

8. which Dame assisted in a decamillenary?

9. who will be unable to pass the loot for years to come?

10. what did the proposed salvage of SS Politician promise?

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