1988 Christmas Quiz

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"It is not every question that deserves an answer. "
Pubilius Syrus

Section 1 - Who

1. is Sturges, a Stanford alumnus?

2. claimed an inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness?

3. was "Saviour of 'is country" when the guns began to shoot?

4. witnessed Injun Joe's crime?

5. turned out to be Allworthy?

6. is Woodward of Pontypridd?

7. comes under the authority of the Fat Controller?

8. excelled, lacking three of five?

9. took flight after porcine pilferage?

10. organised a day-trip to a temperance meeting at Loughborough?

Section 2 Which dance

1. is a French lady from Poland?

2. involved changing lobsters?

3. is on May 8th?

4. is a short bodice?

5. is phalocrocorax aristotelis?

6. may contravene Clause 28?

7. is able to preserve?

8. governs the Panhandle State?

9. is a new trend?

10. evoked the spirit of St. Louis?

Section 3 Orientate

1. the spirit of New Orleans

2. the ruinous deflation of a joint-stock company

3. an elusive short-cut

4. volley-ball and ping-pong, but no female company

5. pursuit on Mount Rushmore

6. an unorthodox pugilist

7. Royal North Devon

8. Brunel's Atlantic pioneer

9. Cain and Abel in the Saunas Valley

10. precursor of straddle and flop

Section 4 Identify the dynamic duos

1. Richard Charles and Oscar

2. John Berry and Herbert

3. Hodges and Peacock

4. Ferris and Collier

5. Phineas Taylor and James Anthony

6. Arthur Stanley Jefferson and Norvell

7. Parker and Barrow

8. Alighieri and Portinari

9. James Dewey and Francis Harry Compton

10. Bartholomew and Wiseman

Section 5 In which sport

1. is a losing hazard profitable?

2. might a slider miss at the corner for a full count?

3, is an Indian check permitted?

4. does a penthouse surmount galleries?

5. do pepper-box and step define dead man's hole?

6. may a preferred lie be taken?

7. might a Hail Mary be a gambler's last throw?

8. is progress to the peg via the rover?

9. does a cesta propel?

10. does set generally precede spike?

Section 6 Not so simple?

1. What were Lee's instructions?

2. Whose mother was a fisherman's friend?

3. Whose Daddy was a prominent frogman?

4. Where were the whores?

5. Where was the bomb?

6. What was God's immaculate machine?

7. Who made the cover of Newsweek?

8. How old was his travelling companion?

9. What runs over and over again?

10. To whom were a nation's lonely eyes turned?

Section 7 Who

1. was Ayesha?

2. was the subject of sonnets cxxvii-clii?

3. rules at Froxbury Court?

4. was a pilgrim, five times married?

5. was Lord Fancourt Babberley?

6. has been chronicled by Chandler,Presley and Cooder?

7. has more front than a row of houses?

8. was a Brechtian symbol of endurance?

9. is tan and tender, and young and lovely?

10. is Arthur's trouble?

Section 8 Whence?

1. "A man has to be what he is, Joey"

2. "That'll be the day"

3. "I'm faster than you'll ever live to be"

4. "If I'm gonna die, ... let me die with the only friend I ever had"

5. "Nowhere special - I always wanted to go there"

6. "My friends just call me Ringo"

7. "If we cut down my percentage, it's liable to interfere with my aim"

8. "If you want to call me that, smile"

9. "Come and see a fat old man some time"

10. "I've got to go back"

Section 9 What is indicated by

1. an inverted attractor?

2. a symbol of good fortune on gules and azure?

3. a Bardic portrait?

4. a monocled huntsman?

5. coq d'or on gules?

6. a rampant lion wielding an axe?

7. eponymous fortification?

8. a caparisoned pachyderm?

9. cart-horses, sable and gules?

10. peculier insignia?

Section 10 Who died in 1988, celebrated for

1. Marxist script-writing?

2. lamenting his fatherland?

3. angelic rustic characterisation?

4. scholarly trombone-playing?

5. subterranean harmonium-playing?

6. a poached egg on wheels?

7. quotidian temporal fallibility?

8. unexpected biography?

9. eponymous homunculi?

10. collaboration in a Shaw transformation?

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