1986 Christmas Quiz

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"I have answered three questions and that is enough. "

Section 1 - Who

1. enlisted after being widowed on her wedding night?

2. had fought the Fuzzy-Wuzzies?

3. had heard "Men of few words are the best men"?

4. solved the mystery of the moonstone?

5. made mouldy old dough?

6. rolled ball-bearings obsessively?

7. was Heller's recursive?

8. was a Low reactionary?

9. was chronicled by Sir Arthur?

10. was Charles Sherwood Stratton?

Section 2 Where would you find

1. Swinley Bottom?

2. Amen Corner?

3. Shuttlecock?

4. Verandah?

5. The Doherty Gates?

6. Dukes Meadows?

7. Vulture St. End?

8. Gwladys St. End?

9. Maggotts?

10. The Coffin?

Section 3 Who portrayed

l. Egbert Souse?

2. Lili von Shtupp?

3. Adenoid Hynkel?

4. Merlon T Muffley?

5. Rufus T Firefly?

6. Elwood P Dowd?

7. Flower Belle?

8. MiIlicent Fritton?

9. Appassionata von Climax?

10. Sugar Kane?

Section 4 Where

1. did the Consul suffer on the Day of Death?

2. was Miss Liddell's second journey?

3. were we sedentary and lachrymose?

4. was an old piano played?

5. did Passepartout assist?

6. was a dilatory suitor deprived?

7. were the Burpas humiliated?

8. was Prewitt victimised?

9. may undergraduate satire have begun?

10. was the "Ballad of the Woggler's Moulie" performed?

Section 5 who

1. was christened George Bryan?

2. works for Svengali Inc.?

3. was involved in the strange events at Zinderneuf?

4. suffered ovine deprivation?

5. was the 8th Marquess of Queensberry's son?

6. is a professional ex-mercenary?

7. is Ellis Mcdaniel?

8. is played by John Schneider?

9. is Lloyd's son, Jeff's brother?

10. was wife to Prasutagus?

Section 6 Describe the demise of

1. George, Duke of Clarence

2. Yukio Mishima

3. Little Billee

4. William Huskisson

5. Isadora Duncan

6. Grace Archer

7. Jan Palach

8. Billie Joe McAllister

9. J P Richardson

10. Young Ramsbottom

Section 7 where

1. recalls Mysotis palustris?

2. was I improbably lofty?

3. did Exocoetidiae frolic?

4. were they selling postcards of the hanging?

5. leads to Times Square?

6. are you enjoined to get your excitement?

7. was a clean machine maintained?

8. did Philomena flute?

9. did Dorothy advise pursuit?

10. passes Tummel and Loch Rannoch?

Section 8 who

1. was encouraged by arachnid assiduity?

2. was Jan Lodwig Hoch?

3. was victim of Sirhan Sirhan?

4. was assisted by Ed Brown, Fran Belding and Mark Sanger?

5. wrote of ill-dressed benefactors?

6. played Quint for Stephen?

7. played Jesus for Franco?

8. defended Mafeking and founded a movement?

9. created "Miracle in the Gorbals"?

10. had a namesake expected by the embankment?

Section 9 What or where

1. are got by line, strop and plummet?

2. may be ended, closed or forfeited?

3. are Emberizinae?

4. have only a fictional South?

5. are Rushen, Michael and Ayre?

6. was home to Pelham Grenville's empress?

7. are from a newly-calved cow?

8. are the dregs after ore extraction?

9. are pain or plenty?

10. are cooked smaller intestines?

Section 10 In 1986, who

1. was tactlessly Guinless?

2. successfully collaborated with Joseph Shabalala?

3. had a 7th triumph of hope over experience?

4. made a handy score?

5. was resident with Eric and Martin?

6. was denied decoration for his toy?

7. was nominated successor to Sean, George and Roger?

8. were confirmed superfluous at Shepton Mallet?

9. resigned as a matter of honour?

10. profitted from a really useful group?

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